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A crisp white collar is a bold statement, a Peter Pan collar gives you a sweet look and a collar with a striking print makes you stand out in the crowd. But the collar is usually attached to a blouse and it’s not always easy to find the perfect blouse. Too tight at the chest or the shoulders, unpleasant materials, too many buttons, a shirt that creeps up every time you move, a cooped-up feeling…

Not so with Lilirooz collars, they take away all the discomfort and give your outfit that extra ‘umph’.
Collar up!

Liesbeth Diels:

“I am a stylist and a collar aficionada. In my opinion, a collar goes with every look.

But I draw the line at uncomfortable blouses, as do the ladies I dress.

A collar defines your entire look, but how the outfit makes you feel is equally important. Lilirooz shirt-collars are perfect for those who enjoy changing from stout to stylish and back, without feeling trapped inside your clothes.

After years of dreaming about my own collection, my partner in crime and I decided the time was right to start acting.

With a portfolio full of ideas and a few sketches, I went to one of Belgium’s best pattern makers. For the print on the fabrics, we worked together with @lottemartens_textiledesign. The first samples were extensively tested within our circle of friends. With their feedback and our own comments, we revised and redesigned the patterns until we were 100% satisfied. 

We hope you will be too!”

Liesbeth xxx

Liesbeth Diels